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Q) My Classic ASP website has stopped working?

  • By Jaleel Qamar (IT Manager)

Classic ASP website not working since Enkompass V3

A) Since Enkompass v3 released on 16th Feb 2012 10am Enkompass forces 64bit application pools.

if you are a reseller, login to SAI (WHM) click application pool manager and create an application pool called 32bit and force enable 32bit to enabled.. then goto manage users click the user and modifythe application pool (half way down) from default to youe new pool.

if you are NOT a reseller, then contact support who will do this for you.

How do I connect to my MySQL Database

  • By Nabil Sarfraz

A) on your web scripts, use localhost, we have special software installed on all our cloud servers so when you use localhost it will route internally to the cloud MySQL Server.

If your wanting to connect remotely (ie from your PC or another server) to MySQL, use your domain name as the server. Make sure you add your IP to the allowed hosts list under MySQL in Enkompass Website Owner interface.

How can I Enable 500 Errors on my website?

  • By Nabil Sarfraz

A) If you do not have one already, open notepad and create a file called web.config 

enter the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />

then upload this to public_html, make sure the file name once uploaded is web.config and not web.config.txt etc, if wrong rename the file using your FTP Client.

This will enable 500 error messages in IIS.

how do I access my website before my domain nameservers resolve?

  • By Jaleel Qamar

A) Login to Enkompass Website Owner Interface (CPanel) and click Parked domains. 

enter [USERNAME].enkompass.ukdns.biz  replace [username] with the WSOI username,

for example if you logged in with username bobsmith, then enter bobsmith.enkompass.ukdns.biz it will take 10 minutes for all web servers to add the parked domain, so you may get a IIS7 screen until all servers see the new parked domain.